We offer two learning experiences for early childhood professionals, which means two new, unique ways to engage. And you don’t have to choose!


Signature Events Sponsorships offer you the best

virtual and in-person engagement to maximize

reach and results.  

Signature Events Sponsorships

As a ZERO TO THREE Signature Events Partner, Advocate, or Champion, your investment elevates your visibility in the early childhood field by highlighting your support at not one, but two high-profile ZERO TO THREE events.

LEARN Conference

Virtual | Sept. 12-15, 2022


The ZERO TO THREE LEARN Conference welcomes early childhood professionals from across disciplines, geographies, and backgrounds for four days of virtual learning. 

  • 2,500+ attendees with a history of high live daily participation in conference sessions – 21,916 site-wide live views in 2021 
  • Bold branding and advertising across the conference site, as well as in pre- and post-event communications – session sponsorships, registration banners, and email lists 
  • Yearlong exposure through the popular multiyear Conference Library – featuring sponsored sessions on demand for up to three years 

LEARN Institute

San Diego | Dec. 7-8, 2022


The ZERO TO THREE LEARN Institute creates an in-person experience for professionals from diverse backgrounds and roles to work together to tackle the most pressing issues facing the early childhood education and infant and early childhood mental health sectors. 

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