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LEARN Conference Justification Letter:



ZERO TO THREE’s LEARN Conference is once again online and I would love to attend. This 4-day online event will let me learn about the latest research and promising practices in the field and participate in a wide range of networking opportunities with thousands of colleagues from around the world. The virtual conference makes it even more accessible, affordable, and convenient to attend.   


The conference has 4 plenary and keynote presentations from the top researchers, practitioners, and policymakers in our field, 9 lecture sessions, and 21 Issue Intensives for me to choose from, all focused on new understanding and skill development to support and enhance our work. My attendance will allow me to:  


Expand My Knowledge Base – Gain an exclusive opportunity to personally interact with thousands of global thought leaders. I can also earn CEUs at no extra cost through more than 40 contact hours of professional development.   


Receive Take Home Tools – Through hands-on exercises and immersive workshops, I will be bringing back invaluable lessons learned, case studies, and practical strategies from field leaders.  


Grow My Leadership Skills – The conference provides a platform to develop critical thinking and key competencies in the industry.   


Access Sessions Post-Conference – Content from the event will be made available for viewing at my own pace for 30 days post-conference.   


If I reserve my spot during Early Bird, I will save $100 off the full registration rate for a cost of only $399 (that’s also $100 less than last year). And, as I said before, CEUs and on-demand session recording access are both included in that price. Plus, no travel or lodging costs!    


Additionally, I will submit a report post-conference that will include key takeaways and a set of recommended actions to help our entire staff benefit from my experience. Thank you for considering this request. I look forward to your reply.    




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